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DAY 1 (17/1/22): Face front part created from a model; 8 different draft shots were tested. Most of the materiality decisions were made around the metalic and chrome picks and the textured black leather details. The new abstract proposal for the body has been tested with both metal and blood contour lines.

DAY 2 (18/1/22): The way I want to construct this digital personality is a Fashion Model. We need suppliers of clothes and different ways to construct a catalogue. Thats why, today, De-C will work to finish the faces back part, maybe update the body too. 

Further topics: The name of the model, new ways to animate the body and the body posture, branding, and social media personas (is there any bot writable for the persona?) Its gender' its statement', how it tweets!

New Proportions of MetaHuman? New Prothesis Extentions 


Its genderless and metallic transparent body is a temple that brands pray for. It is a villain, a humble sociopath, dog lover, sarcasm machine, robotizer, and still a lovely existence. Some of its posters and photoshoots might be on markets for sale with $ASH token for commercial purposes. It is not for sale even it lives primarily on ethereum blockchain.


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