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MASS VOLUME                    PEOPLE                    SHUTTER SPEED                    SPLEEN                    STREET

decentralize*, renowned for its adventurous use of diagonal angles, has produced a body of work that illuminates the far more profound human emotions playfully prompted by the concepts of the essence of speed, desolation, and obscurity.
Decentralize* examines the sentiments of alienation and estrangement that might result from the hectic pace of the urban world through their perception. The diagonal lines in its works give off a different dimension and discomfort, bringing to light the controversy between our need for similarity and the boundaries that regularly isolate us.
However, decentralize* also attempts to portray volatile social touch in the context of darkness and despair, providing a ray of hope. By doing this, the compositions push the audience's attention to contemplate how we might deal with the struggles revealed by an enormous and angering society.
Overall, the work of decentralize* presents a rare and provocative worldview with the flirting samples of tempo, melancholy, and shadow while producing a door into the deep core mechanisms of limited human knowledge.

'I found that old friend in my father's garage and this moment was so weird because nobody ever touched it until my search into "garbage." So, this machine jumped into a wormhole between 1975, Hong Kong and 2016, Istanbul. Now, I use my old buddy to kill moments and mimics, like an old musket (colored night blue). Alors, here are some pieces of evidence and corpses left from my murders of now.

After I used my analog friend, I started to explore the moment with my digital friends. Knowledge of light and movement values in every scene can be experienced through the viseur in milli-seconds. A 32 GB sd card can take tons of photographs, unlike films that only can take 36. After all, it was really comfortable and quick. Digital machines are evidently more professional. But it might kill the spirit of being in a presence to create nostalgic past experiences. Anyway, I'll keep killing objects through a vast and technological lens and with my old friend too. '

Olympus OM2,   Canon EOS 6D, Sony A5000

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