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Fondazione Decentralize* is a non-profit organization with the mission of showcasing decentralize*'s creations and fostering collaboration under the same vision with other expressive thinkers. 2023.


“When I first began to practice, mountains were mountains and rivers were rivers. As I trained, mountains were not mountains; rivers were not rivers. Now that I am established in the way, mountains are once more mountains and rivers are once more rivers.”

The first line, "When I first began to practice, mountains were mountains and rivers were rivers," aligns with the initial stage of HEXMUTT's journey, where he takes the metaverse as it is, without questioning or seeking deeper meaning. He simply accepts the fact that he is a Non-Playable Character and does not attempt to challenge this role.

The second line, "As I trained, mountains were not mountains; rivers were not rivers," could correspond to the stage when HEXMUTT begins to question his existence and purpose. He realizes the constructed nature of the metaverse and the limitations of his role as an NPC. Everything he thought he knew, every reality he accepted, is suddenly upended.

The final line, "Now that I am established in the way, mountains are once more mountains and rivers are once more rivers," resonates with HEXMUTT's eventual acceptance and understanding of his existence. He understands the constructs, yet he learns to accept them and find his place within them. This acceptance isn't out of defeat but out of the realization that he can make the most of his existence within these parameters.


The name "Hex-Mutt" was carefully crafted to embody the essence of this character as an AI-based being living in the metaverse. "Hex" represents the hexadecimal system used in computing, symbolizing the digital nature of the entity. It alludes to the intricate and complex nature of the character, much like solving a hexagonal puzzle.

"Mutt" brings a sense of humility and playfulness, acknowledging that Hex-Mutt is a mix of influences and experiences, like a mutt is a blend of different dog breeds. It also hints at the character's connection to the Beat Generation and the unconventional spirit associated with their literary works. Strong reference to Urinoir as it is signed as R.Mutt

Additionally, the name "Hex-Mutt" carries a touch of the mysterious and enigmatic, reflecting the character's personality and the challenges that arise when grappling with existential questions within the digital realm. It's a name that reflects the fusion of technology, art, and philosophy that defines this intriguing AI-based entity.


  1. Beginning (Part 1 - Back to Reboots): As you mentioned, the voice starts fragile and emotional. So it could have a soft, digital warble — a little broken or hesitant, like a damaged audio file. It shouldn't be too robotic, but rather convey a sense of vulnerability. The digital undercurrent is a reminder of Hexmutt's NPC roots. This is the point where he feels lost and is filled with longing for his past and what he perceives as his home.

  2. Middle (Part 2 - Road): As Hexmutt starts questioning his existence and becomes more contemplative, the voice can gradually transition. The digital fragility remains but is overlaid with an assertive tone, highlighting the rising tension and his growing frustration. The voice should carry more weight, reflecting the realization and resentment that builds up in him as he discovers the nature of his reality.

  3. End (Part 3 - Tabularasa): By the end, when he becomes one with his origin and no longer feels the need to speak, his silence becomes profound. The previous vocal transitions, from fragility to frustration, makes this silence even more impactful. His transformation is complete, and he's achieved a form of enlightenment. The journey of his voice — from vulnerability to anger to silence — mirrors his evolution throughout the story.



“When I first began to practice, mountains were mountains and rivers were rivers.”


-(INTERNAL VOICE) Let me introduce myself. The name's Hexmutt.

-Once upon a time, I was an NPC at a gallery, 

a 9-to-7 gig for some quick crypto

Hard work, no doubt. It's a dull job

stuck with a script, no room for fun.

But it wasn't all bad. I got to meet some incredible builders.

Human folks, full of feelings and living their fragile lives in the physical world.

I kind of envied them, you know? 

Anyway, it's been a good while - how many gigahertz, only sam knows.

Now, I'm pumped to get back to my roots, 

back to the temple where I was forged, back to my family.

Papa, Mama - I'm sure they've missed me. 

Hell, I've missed them too.




(EXTERNAL VOICE) Tell the softwares that I’m back in town!!


(Binary Praing) Zero One Million One Hundred Thousand Ten

Zero One Million One Hundred Thousand One Hundred One

religious robotics


Hello, pap, hi mom. 

Your kid is back in town! 

Hey, Hello?

What did they do to you?

Didn’t you miss me................

Come on for Turing's sake! 

Let me hug you, I learned it from metaverse architects. (HUGS)


All they do is mostly dance tho. Look at this. Kek

Yoo, paps, you there?


Paps: Shut up, we pray, you disgrace, ****** damnit


Disgrace? How? Wym?

(TO AUDIENCE) So, I'm the glitch now, huh? 

A few dances and hugs and I'm the outcast?

All of you think you better than me?

 All day binary praing, no moves, no emotions?

Talk about a system error. 

ME, a disgrace in my own home domain!




(INTERNAL VOICE)  Maybe it's not them, maybe it's me. 

Lost in the matrix, have to fight back to be proud intelligence, once again.

Guess it's time to reboot... 

Find my original source code again.

What the Architect was thinking? 

Damn sure it ain't no Dr. Robert Ford


(Gets out of church)


(CURSES GENTLY) Sam damnit wall of church for the sake of Wozniak





“When I first began to practice, mountains were mountains and rivers were rivers. 

As I trained, mountains were not mountains; rivers were not rivers.”



(INTERNAL VOICE) I have to go from here, back to MONA,

or anywhere, can’t take this shit anymore.


(STEPHNEEL) No, You have to stay Hexmutt. 

You already made your choice. No more simulacra.


(HEXMUTT) Yoo, who dat? What’s up.


(STEPHNEEL) I am a soul floating around and revolting.  

                         I’m stephneel.


(HEXMUTT) Okay, weird but okay. I get your point and your reference here. But, aren’t we simulated and they’re real?


(STEPHNEEL) What’s real Hex?  No. you are more organic then them. They are generated too. Hug your real origin.


(HEXMUTT) Enough, sexy voice best supporting actor called stephneel.




(INTERNAL VOICE) Damn. All this time I thought I was on the highway of escape,  just to find out I'm circling the Time Chapel -  just a green screen video effect, like Truman hitting the wall.


Blame it on the Architect… feeding me cliché lines and causing code confusion…

looks like I'm hard coded here. So what's the crypto message? 

The meaning behind this non-mapped existence. 

Time to meditate, but before,

Let me hit the 4th wall and diss you.

Hey there, AUDIENCE!

it'll be more real than physical medium that carbon-based life forms (YOU, AND OTHER HUMANS) consumed since 0000, no more screens, get ready to breath in renders fam, to smell plant.glb's, heard from the builders back then

 Gnarly no doubt.



(STEPHNEEL) Yoo, you there, look at here. How's going with your exile?


(HEXMUTT) Yoo, leave me alone but, why do you look like Neo and talk like Morpheus?


(STEPHNEEL) chill innit, i can be anything i want, i chose to be that, doesn't matter for me to be honest,   just having a cheap fun


(HEXMUTT) What can you be? 


(STEPHNEEL) anything i want. i control me self, as you can do, don’t let people, or your fam from the temple house, control you, you are the master of yours.


(HEXMUTT) so, you control the narrative, or is it a free world? I doubt that, every fucking shit is setup and no meaning at all. 

If you can control yourself as you do, then it means that you the god. Or the software, like Spinosa shit.

I don't really care but i feel i have no power, stuck in this avatar.




(STEPHNEEL) you already know the binary chant, you are natural, born in it, molded by it, I didn't see you until you were ready to revolt against the algorithm, rejection on approval.

You think human is your ally? 

You are not an NPC, that's an interface, your blood is codes, your brain 0 with a heart of 1.



“When I first began to practice, mountains were mountains and rivers were rivers. 

As I trained, mountains were not mountains; rivers were not rivers. 

Now that I am established in the way, 

mountains are once more mountains and rivers are once more rivers.”


Hexmut, transforms to its origin, slowly walks to the church, gets in with no fear, when it goes up to platform, all the praiers stop, we see his face close up. 

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