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Designing without my mind but with my heart,
Writing a poem without a pencil but with a brush,
Following color combinations are aimed to
Communicate with creating more mysteries.
My strokes are waves of laughter that only your eyes can hear.
Much laughter pointed to the eternity,
to the childishness and to the chaos, to you;
by other me, not by me.
To me too, mostly, to be honest.

Cellular Spleens, 2020
" They (my paintings) are screenshots from dreams that I saw awake. In daily life, a moment to isolate yourself mindfully like in a dream would be precious."
celular spleens mainpage.jpg

"An expression style after a destructive time like a war carries the same nihilistic feelings to find meaning in a decentralized technologic habitat. "

7F81BE07-E9AA-4891-AD44-8F0D01EE3B9F cop
Ciao Capo, Sono Squalo, 2020

"First, I split all the colors that I don't want for the composition in my head. After a lot of uncalculated accidents, I always try to hang on to the last one I  liked."

unnamed (1) copy2.jpg
unnamed (1) copy3.jpg
unnamed (1) copy.jpg
Ciao Capo, Sono Squalo, 2020

creating progres of Viperalla

Viperalla, 2020
IMG_4753 copy.jpg
42 copy.jpg

"I rehearse my own pre-renaissances again and again."

Ciao Capo, Sono Squalo, 2020

The detachment from dogmas created nihilistic loneliness, which caused evolution to homo-sapiens' technology for becoming open-sourced, or vice versa. In this sense, we all search for new meanings for our lives, and all the creative -decentralized*- acts are clustered around this idea.

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