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  Since I am Based && Existentialist Transhuman  

"Since I am Based && Existentialist Transhuman" Exhibition

articulates the transitional phase of humanity.

As Nietzsche posited the Übermensch as a goal for humanity to surpass its current state, this exhibition explores the concept that our generation may indeed be the bridge between the human and the transhuman, the organic and the mechanical. Just as a bridge connects two distinct points, this collection presents art as a connective tissue between our current human condition and the impending singularity.

Each artwork is a dreamscape of the potential virtual singularity.

They might present as vintage photographs, classical paintings, or contemporary 3D renders, yet each piece embodies a vision of a future where consciousness and technology are intertwined. This is the thesis of the exhibition—the imagined leap from human to beyond human—whereas the antithesis lies in the recognition of our current limitations, the 'boring human' element that grounds us in reality.

The selection of space as a virtual gallery amplifies the thematic resonance of the works.

By situating the exhibition in a digital realm, the curators underscore the message of transcendence from physical to virtual existence. This decision acts as a thesis that supports the narrative of transitioning into a new era of existence, while the antithesis challenges us to consider the tangible value of the physical world we stand to leave behind.

"Since I am Based && Existentialist Transhuman Exhibition" is not merely a name but a philosophical statement.

It encapsulates the idea that humanity is in flux, positioned between the banality of its origin and the brilliance of its future. The thesis here is the acknowledgment of our current 'based' existence, with the antithesis being the aspirational reach towards Nietzsche's Übermensch, the existentialist transhuman.

The artworks serve as vintage reflections and futuristic projections.

They are echoes from the past and whispers of the future, allowing visitors to traverse time through art. The collection’s thesis lies in the celebration of our past and present, while its antithesis provokes thoughts about our role in shaping the future.

Ultimately, the exhibition is a call to contemplate our evolutionary trajectory.

It invites viewers to engage with the notion that we are all part of a larger narrative, one that is continuously being written as we advance towards a new paradigm. The thesis is our collective journey towards something greater, and the antithesis is the individual's search for meaning in the face of overwhelming change.
Broadway Boogie Woogie, 2022/23, 34 pieces, Generative
WTDBTS_Reworks, 2023, 10 pieces, Digital
WTDBTS_ai, 2023, 9 pieces, AI
DTRR, 2022, 7 piece, Generative
Aisthetical Studies, 53 piece, 2022, AI
Metarchitech, 2021, 7 pieces, 3D Being
Religious Robotics, 2021, 14 pieces, Digital
WTDBTS, 2020, 30 pieces, Digital
Ultra Sound Avatars, 2021, 25 pieces, Digital
Digital God’s REM Sleep, 2021, 99 piece, Digital
Mona Lisa NFT Collection, 2021, 5 pieces, Digital
ArtPunks, 2021, 25 pieces, Digital
Crypto Art, 2019/20, 19 pieces, Digital
Mermaid Chair v1, 2020, 1 virtual furniture
Future Wabi Sabi Spacescape, 2020, 33 pieces, Digital
Video Works, 2018/20, 10 pieces
Acrylic Paintings, 2016/22, 87 pieces, Physical
Snake Visual Experiments, 2016/18, 62 pieces, Digital
Shutter Experiments, 2016/21, 62 pieces, Photography
Spleen, 2016/19,48 pieces, Photography
Mass & Volume, 2016/19, 111 pieces, Photography
Street, 2016/19, 71 pieces, Photography
Humans, 2017/19, 86 pieces, Photography

Neue² Dojo proudly presents "Since I am Based && Existentialist Transhuman Exhibition," a comprehensive retrospective that showcases the pioneering journey of the artist and visionary, decentralize*. This landmark exhibition, spanning the years 2016 to 2023, features an astounding collection of 331 works across a myriad of mediums, marking a pivotal moment in the exploration of digital and physical art forms.

Decentralize*'s oeuvre is a testament to the relentless pursuit of innovation, challenging the boundaries between the virtual and the tangible, the organic and the artificial. Each collection within the exhibition—ranging from the introspective "Snake Visual Experiments" to the metaphysical landscapes of "Future Wabi Sabi Spacescape," and the provocative "Digital God’s REM Sleep"—serves as a chapter in a grand narrative that interrogates the essence of human existence in the digital age.

At the core of decentralize*'s work is a profound inquiry into the metamorphosis of the virtual man, marinated in the rawness of unfiltered emotion, accented by vibrant, funky colors, and underscored by themes of dark emotions, violence, and the omnipresent influence of technology. This exhibition is not just a retrospective; it's an immersive journey into the heart of what it means to be human in a world increasingly mediated by digital interfaces.

Decentralize* emerges not only as an artist but as a philosopher of the digital age, whose works act as a bridge between the classical and the avant-garde, the abstract and the figurative, rooted in the late 20th century yet projecting into the future. Through a lens that is both critical and celebratory, this exhibition explores the intersection of art and technology, inviting visitors to ponder the evolving relationship between humanity and the digital realm.

"Since I am Based && Existentialist Transhuman Exhibition" is an odyssey through the evolving landscape of art, where traditional mediums meet the limitless possibilities of digital expression. It is a dialogue between the past and the future, a reflection on the shifting paradigms of creation and existence in the 21st century. This exhibition encapsulates the essence of decentralize*'s initial concept— a quest for meaning and value beyond the conventional, through the adventurous acts of creation that define our era.

Here, at the Neue² Dojo Museum, we invite you to immerse yourself in the world of decentralize*, to experience the depth and breadth of an artist who has redefined the boundaries of art and technology. "Since I am Based && Existentialist Transhuman Exhibition" is not merely an exhibition; it is a celebration of the human spirit's indomitable quest for identity, meaning, and connection in the age of decentralization.

Welcome to a realm where art transcends its physical limitations to become a beacon of hope and a mirror to our collective soul, urging us to ponder, "What is the role of art in the era of blockchain and beyond?" This exhibition stands as a monumental testament to the power of art to ignite conversation, to challenge, and ultimately, to connect us all more deeply to the essence of our being.

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