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"less is more" + "God is in the details (3D)"

The design principle, deeply rooted in the mathematical elegance and spatial clarity reminiscent of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's work, is meticulously applied to the Gallerium’s layout. It presents a plan that champions simplicity and precision, serving as a testament to the power of restrained design. Yet, this adherence to minimalism in the plan phase sets the stage for a remarkable transformation when the design ascends into three-dimensional space, where the essence of minimalism paves the way for creative and complex expressions of form.

As the Gallerium's design transitions from two-dimensional plans to three-dimensional reality, it embarks on a bold departure from minimalism, embracing an aggressive interpretation of space. This dramatic evolution is characterized by the imaginative extrusion of structural lines into the third dimension, where architectural elements are reinvented with a daring flair. The resulting spaces defy traditional architectural norms, engaging the visitor in a surreal exploration of volume and form. This inventive spatial manipulation creates an environment that is both immersive and disorienting, challenging visitors to reconsider their perceptions of space and structure.

This creative dichotomy reflects a nuanced dialogue between the disciplined and the fantastical, where the foundational grid becomes a canvas for architectural innovation.

In the Gallerium, the principles of modernist design are not abandoned but expanded upon, leveraging digital technology to push the boundaries of what is architecturally possible. Through this approach, the Gallerium asserts itself as a space of exploration and wonder, utilizing the minimalist foundation as a springboard for a flamboyant display of architectural creativity.  The design philosophy thus celebrates the potential for minimalism to coexist with, and indeed inspire, extravagance and complexity in architectural form.

N²D Gallerium stands as a testament to the evolving nature of architectural expression in the digital age, merging tradition with innovation.

It honors Mies van der Rohe's legacy while carving out its own identity, showcasing how digital tools can transform simple lines into a vibrant architectural spectacle. This balance of order and creativity captures the essence of the Gallerium as a pioneering digital space. It invites visitors into a world where the legacy of architectural rigor inspires a new frontier of design, characterized by boundless imagination and experiential depth.

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