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The Neue² Dojo Gallery emerges as a landmark within the digital topographies, an avant-garde virtual space that redefines the boundaries between art and technology. Designed over the course of three days from December 21 to December 24, 2023, this innovative museum houses an expansive collection of 340 artworks by the prolific artist decentralize*, spanning from 2017 to the present. Each artwork, curated with meticulous precision, invites visitors on a promenade through various contexts of aesthetics and time, creating a narrative journey that unfolds across each meticulously designed room and corridor.


Drawing inspiration from the architectural principles of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's Neue National Gallery, the Neue² Dojo Museum transforms these foundational ideas into a dynamic, digital landscape. The museum's interior architecture is a study in the manipulation of space and experience, where the conventional boundaries of museum design are reimagined to create a series of topographically inspired environments. The ground floor stands as a spatial sculpture, boasting an artificial sky and a concrete hill that evoke the immersive installations of James Turrell, reinterpreted through the lens of virtual reality to mirror the innovative spirit of Coachella's transformative spaces.


The design of the Neue² Dojo Gallery is a testament to the power of digital architecture to create meaningful, engaging spaces that challenge our perceptions of art and its presentation. Here, digital art, digital painting, physical painting, crypto art, and photography coalesce on a manipulated canvas, offering a virtual experience that transcends traditional museum boundaries. This space is more than a museum; it's a hub for innovation and creativity, pushing the envelope of what a museum can be in the digital age.

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