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Mermaid Chair


Any push to accomplish a materialistic goal is referred to as a "fight." Non-fighters, who can easily blend in and adapt to new contexts, have articulations formed with love and without judgment. The richness of their pixel-fleshes derives from the desire to upload more loo & woo in any means. An incomplete ID tries to find one that looks precisely like idself, and triggers apocalypse for the whole after seeing one slightly unidentical. It's vile if that creature aims to rebirth the "equilibrium" by trimming unique beauties, by not being aware of the big jpeg.  

A chair.glb, then, represents just that: aspirations, adaptation over love. In a digital realm, a cultural model can be defined as such and exist as such. A chair, a woman-like creaiture from oceans with its fresh attitude consisting of fully chrome materials, may inspire people who find it challenging to blend in harmoniously. So there you have it, an interpretation of Met-us. 
1/1 to be used in your upcoming Metamask House, in particular.

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